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Willow Creek: A Story of Worship: Matt Lundgren


Willow Creek worship leader Matt Lundgren knew, even as a child, that music was more than a hobby for him. There was something powerful that connected with him when he practiced his saxophone. And as a Christ follower, the songs he sang in church drew him closer to God.

Matt isn’t alone. While few  grow up to become worship leaders, many can relate to the spiritual connection that happens when they hear or sing worship songs. “I’ve heard countless stories of how God has used the words or moments created through music to bring comfort, challenge, or clarity to someone during a worship service,” Matt says. “It’s one of the reasons worship music is such a high value at Willow Creek. It’s a primary pathway that opens peoples’ hearts up to God in a way that teaching alone cannot.”

When it comes to the music for special services like Easter, Willow Creek’s worship teams pull out all the stops “as a way to honor the One we worship on the day of His resurrection,” Matt says. “I’m super excited about the music elements in this year’s Easter services. We sense God’s leading in it, and I can’t wait to see how He will work in the lives of people through the partnership of music, video, story, and powerful teaching.”

Willow Creek Worship Artists Share Music

The community of Willow Creek Community Church recently received a unique gift as part of the 2010 Easter devotionals published online: free worship music. Eight of Willow Creek’s volunteer and staff musicians contributed a total of 15 original worship songs ready for MP3 downloading, free of charge. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to these songs, Willow Creek is providing contact information to the contributing artists, for those who wish to explore their music further.







Songs Contributed to 2010 Easter Devotionals

Brandon Grissom


Thank You

You Remain

Becky Johnson


New Creation

Matt Lundgren


Creation Song

I Give Up

Love Justice


Aaron Niequist


Carry Each Other

Psalm 139

Shuree Rivera


Down on My Knees

Tony Sorrentino


What I Need

Bryan Vrablik


Falling at Your Feet

Matt Wright


Made Us Yours

Still My God

Wash My Feet

Easter Devotional: “Dawn”

“The darkest hour is just before the dawn.”

“It’s a new day dawning.”

“Since the dawn of time …”

Dawn is a marker—a stake in the ground—a signal of the end of something past, and the start of something new. What sort of dawn will this Easter be?

Dawn, the final installment of weekly online Easter devotionals distributed by Willow Creek Community Church, examines the “points of midnight” Jesus experienced in the days leading up to Easter morning, and invites readers to explore their own dark nights of the soul preceding the dawn that Easter brings.

As an added bonus, musicians from Willow Creek’s worship teams are providing six original worship songs that can be either streamed or downloaded onto an MP3 player. Readers may incorporate these songs into their journey toward Easter dawn.

Read the Easter Devotional.

Easter Devotional Explores “Community”

The second installment of weekly online Easter devotionals distributed by Willow Creek Community Church explores God's design for humankind to exist as a community, walking alongside him and one another. By examining the fascinating root system of redwood trees–and the concept of the word "walk"–readers can draw parallels between what helps a tree survive the seasons, and what helps them survive the storms of their lives. 


The online devotionals are distributed through the Willow Weekly, an email newsletter sent out every Tuesday to more than 20,000 recipients. The devotionals can be read either online or printed as hard copies for use later.

The devotions include five sections:

§ Pray—A simple prayer of surrender opens each devotional.

§ Read—Five daily scripture passages explore a weekly theme word.

§ Reflect—A series of thought-provoking questions, with space for journaling provided, provide opportunity for personal reflection.

§ Respond—Practical next steps help participants live out the key theme during their week.

§ Pray—A Psalm relating to the theme word is suggested as a closing prayer.


As an added bonus, musicians from Willow Creek’s worship teams are providing original worship songs that can be either streamed or downloaded onto an MP3 player. “Our team is glad to be able to offer music that might help people connect with God,” says Willow’s Worship Director Matt Lundgren.


No matter your pre-Easter tradition (or lack thereof), Willow invites you to join the rich tradition of Christ followers who for centuries have invested the weeks leading up to Easter as a time for spiritual spring cleaning—humble reflection and sacrificial surrender.

Read the Easter Devotional.

Subscribe to the Willow Weekly email and receive a link to each week’s devotional.

Willow Creek Hosts All-Worship Night

Join Willow Creek Community Church for an incredible night of worship, from 7–8 p.m., Wednesday, March 3, in the Lakeside Auditorium. Worship leaders from midweek and weekend services are coming together to lead fellow worshippers in a broad range of well-known songs, designed to help people focus on who God is and what He is calling us to.


“We’ll be doing lots of our familiar songs,” says worship leader Becky Ykema, who has coordinated the event. “The song list includes ‘Mighty to Save,’ ‘Lord You are Good,’ and ‘Let God Arise.’”


Midweek classes, which normally operate on Wednesday evenings, are on study break this Wednesday. Set aside this time to connect with God in full voice. All ages are welcome.