David Crowder to Lead Worship

Singer and songwriter, David Crowder puts his tour on pause this weekend to lead worship at Willow Creek at all three South Barrington services. “David Crowder is a long-time friend of Willow,” says Teaching Pastor Steve Carter, “and every time he visits, he electrifies our auditorium with all-out worship of our great God. As you finalize your 4th of July weekend plans, put this weekend’s services in ink!”

The new series, Rivals, continues this weekend, as well. “We’ll continue to learn how to take hold of the life God desires for us,” Steve says. “The entire Rivals series wraps around the life of David, the Old Testament king of Israel,” Steve says. “David faced rival after rival—things like fear, scarcity, temptation, betrayal, criticism—each one trying to interfere with his pursuit of God’s heart. Learning how David defeated these rivals helps us know how to defeat rivals of our own—and ultimately brings us closer to the full life Jesus offers.”


Save the Date!

“‘Only God’ is a phrase you often hear me say,” says Senior Pastor Bill Hybels, “and never has that phrase been more fitting than when we reflect upon the 40-year history of all God has done in our church. This fall, we’re coming up on our 40th anniversary—and it only makes sense that the theme of this milestone event would be, ‘Only God.’”

On Sunday, October 18, at the United Center, Willow Creek celebrates 40 years of God’s faithfulness to our church. “Only God could architect our church’s story,” Bill says. “Join us on October 18 for a powerful night of thanking Him for all He’s done and acknowledging our dependence on Him in the years to come. I can’t wait to see what our ‘only God’ will do!”

Mark your calendars 

The 40th anniversary service is a ticketed event. Tickets go on sale beginning Monday, July 20. Learn more here. Mark your calendars in ink and plan to attend this all-Willow event!

DadFest Details at a Glance!

This weekend is Father’s Day weekend, and for Willow this means one thing: DadFest—the largest celebration of dads in Chicagoland! As you invite friends and family to DadFest™, don’t forget to mention:

Special Guests
Senior Pastor Bill Hybels delivers a celebratory, high-impact message and interviews two special guests:

Jack Welch, former chair and CEO of General Electric—and Fortune Magazine’s “Manager of the Century”

Kirk Cousins, NFL quarterback for the Washington Redskins and son of former Willow Creek Director of Ministries Don Cousins

In addition to the music, car show, food, and fun after each service—the Saturday night fireworks are back by popular demand! Welcome your first-time guests to enjoy the show set to music—starting at 9:20 p.m.

More Information
You can choose from three service times:

  • 5:30 p.m.Saturday,  June 20
  • 9:00 a.m.Sunday,  June 21
  • 11:45 a.m., Sunday,  June 21  (Note: the regular 11:15 a.m. service time has been changed to 11:45 a.m.  during Dadfest .)
For latest details about food, family activities, cars, fireworks, and much more, click here.


Celebrate Dads at DadFest™ 2015

Next weekend, June 20/21, Willow hosts what’s become the largest celebration of dads in the Chicagoland area on Father’s Day weekend: DadFest. Father’s Day weekend has also become the highest attended weekend of the year at Willow.

Why is DadFest such a hit?
The festive atmosphere, inspired teaching, and family-friendly activities make DadFest a great way for first-time guests to get a taste of Willow.  And the Saturday night fireworks display—back by popular demand—creates an easy opportunity to welcome guests to Willow’s campus.

“I love to see how many people—who might never have come to church—give church a try because of DadFest,” says Executive Pastor Heather Larson.

Invite in advance!
Extend invitations this week to dads, grandpas, uncles, friends, and families looking for a fun and meaningful way to celebrate Father’s Day. Senior Pastor Bill Hybels will extend a unique encouragement to dads during each service of DadFest weekend.

“The God of the Scriptures is never portrayed as a remote, unapproachable, cosmic force of some kind,” Bill says. “He is, rather, portrayed as a close, infinitely approachable, unconditionally loving being—an affectionate father. That’s the kind of dad I want to be—and it’s the kind of dad I find in God.”

In addition to Bill’s message, he will be interviewing two amazing special guests: Jack Welch and Kirk Cousins. Learn more here.

It’s Not Summer at Willow Without . . .

Summer Baptism!

Baptism is a significant milestone for followers of Christ—and summer Baptism is a time of great celebration at Willow Creek. Next weekend, June 13/14, those being baptized may choose indoor Baptism (5:30 p.m. on Saturday or 9 a.m. on Sunday) or outdoor Baptism in Willow’s lake at 1 p.m., following the 11:15 a.m. service.

On the fence?

In Scripture, getting baptized signifies a person’s public declaration of faith in Christ, and an acknowledgment of accepting His work on the cross as forgiveness for his or her sins.

Have you taken this step? If you’ve not been baptized since becoming a Christian, learn more about Baptism at an informational meeting immediately following each service this weekend.

“If you’re ready to declare Christ as your forgiver and as the One you follow with your life, now is your moment!” says Rhianna Godfrey, Willow’s Baptism coordinator. “And if you’ve already been baptized—or if you just want to see what Baptism is all about—please come celebrate the work of Christ in peoples’ lives in our church by cheering them on as they take this step of obedience in their faith. It’s a blast!”